Posiflex CR 3104 Cash Drawer

ลิ้นชักเก็บเงิน โพสซิเฟล็ก CR 3104

Posiflex CR 3104 Cash Drawer Series

ลิ้นชักเก็บเงิน โพสซิเฟล็ก CR3104 Series

Posiflex CR3104 series cash drawer has a patented "Screwless" tamper-resistant design for added security. It also has a special feature that cushions drawer slams and protects the system. The Posiflex CR 3104 series is a low profile, compact drawer with high reliability and durability (MTBF 1 million open/close). The chassis and drawer have durable metal construction. Posiflex CR 3104The coin and bill compartments are adjustable and a locking tray cover is available. A 3-position key lock provides additional security and convenience. A Posiflex CR3104 universal cable fits Star, Epson and Axiohm.
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